Color adjustment curves gui swaps R & B channel histograms?

Idk if this is a bug or if this is just designed in a way that I don’t understand. When using the color adjustment curves to adjust individual channels, there is a histogram for that channel overlaid behind the curve interface, which is very useful for guiding those adjustments (it’d be nice if it had histogram graphs for lightness and rgba too, and if it scaled the same way as the regular histogram so that it’s easier to read, but I digress). The channels for the R curve and B curve have swapped histograms, so when editing R, you see B’s histogram and when editing B you see R’s histogram. It’s pretty hard to show this, but I tried to make a clear example:

How far off from intended behavior is this? Are there settings that can be used to address this (or that I’ve mistakenly used to cause this behavior)?

What color space are you working on and what color profile is that? You can see that on the bottom bar of Krita btw.

I call BGR shananigans. Probably QColor swap.