Color jumps when I switch between Freehand Path tool and Poligonal Selection tool.

Please help, I’ve seen this problem for white a while and it’s really bugging me recently.
Like the title said, when I switch between the Freehand Path Tool and the Polygonal Selection tool,
the color seems like it jumped to white or black in the Advance Color selector.

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I see this happen in 4.3.0 and it’s not something that’s been fixed in the latest Stable/Plus release. When the colour does jump in the Advanced Colour Selector, it doesn’t affect the painted colour and it doesn’t affect the other colour selectors.

Can you raise a formal bug report at: ?
(Sign up and sign in are needed.)

When you’ve raised the bug report, please post the link in a reply here.

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Apparently it jumps to your background color.

Advanced Color Selector reacts to both foreground and background color changes (and selects background color when you use the right mouse button).

I don’t know why the tool switch updates the background color, but I’ve actually been waiting something like this to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Workaround: swap foreground/background colors twice to get the foreground color back in the selector.

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Thank you, I’ll raise the bug report.

Thank you for you reply, it does jump to the background color I think and your workaround definitely brought back the color. Though it’s a bit hard for my normal workflow so I think I’ll stay with this until the bug is fixed.