Color picker doesn't write to palette

I have “file read-ony” bug when trying to select color and add to pallete. See capture. The workaroud is to run “Krita” with “Run as Administrator command”

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You’ve jumped onto an ‘old’ topic that is only very slightly related to your situation.
You should make a new topic for this with an appropriate title.

The concept_cookie palette (and all the default/start-up palettes) are supposed to be read only. The idea is that you make your own palettes and populate them and they’ll then be available for you to edit as you wish.

It would be best if you made your own palette, then you don’t need this workaround. The problem is that the palette you’re trying to change is one of the default ones. I’m not sure why it’s made this way, but we’re working on resource rewrite anyway, and before we finish it, please just use your own palette if you want to add your own colors.