Color problem With Wrong Selected Color

The color that is selected and shown on the color sector and the overview is a different color than the one that is on the canvas.

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Which version of krita are you using and which operating system are you using?
How did you install krita? (website download, Windows Store, Steam, …)

Is it a red/blue swap-over or some definite structured fault of that kind?

Can you post a .png fullscreen screenshot showing this problem with a variety of colours, especially pure red, green and blue?

Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need to reinstall/upate your video driver.

Can you also do Help -> ‘Show system information for bug reports’ and paste the output in a reply?

EDIT:Added: This topic has a user with a similar problem:

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I’m using Krita 4.3.0 and I installed krita on the website. I tried reinstalling Krita.


that’s the problem with the colors.

Have you used krita before and not had this problem before, or is this the first time you’ve used krita?

Although you haven’t used pure red or blue there, it does look like the green channel is unaffected and that red and blue are swapped over.

It would be helpful if you can also do Help -> ‘Show system information for bug reports’ and paste the output in a reply here.

Repeating some points from the linked topic above:
Have you tried switching between Open GL and Angle in
Settings -> Configure Krita -> Display -> Canvas Acceleration tab?
(a restart of krita is needed if you change this settimg.)

Have you tried turning Graphics Acceleration off? (a restart is a good idea).

It may be that you need to obtain the latest grapics driver for your computer and install it.

Thanks for your help. I updated the graphic driver and it fixed it. :slight_smile: