Color Setting Issue? Possibly?

Having an issue with a feature I can’t quite pinpoint. I was working on a painting and somewhere along the way I must have accidentally bumped a key and it messed up my color settings. When I try to pick different colors on the selector everything is coming up blue, unless I drag it to the fully saturated side of the selector. I’ve looked at the color space properties, color selector, color management settings and the layer properties but everything looks normal. I feel like it is probably something simple but its going over my head.

–There are 17 layers and all except for 3 layers I have in a group are having this color issue. Colors come up normal in the grouped layers and when I create a new layer the colors are coming up normal there as well. –

If anyone can help out this stunned muffin I would very much appreciate it!
Thank you

Hello, maybe you can post a screenshot with the layer docker and this group selected

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Select the group layer, check if the blending mode for the group is “Normal”, then right-click on it and select Properties and check if the color space there is the exact same as the color space of your image.

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Yes, those were the first two things I tried. I’m scratching my head.

Thank you though!

Then please post a screenshot of your whole Krita window, as @mco asked :slight_smile: It might help a lot. Even better would be sharing the .kra file.

Maybe you disabled some channels in the Properties? Or did something else… the list is long…

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Here is a screenshot with the properties of the group layer. I also drew two X’s. The pink one (which you can see the color is the same as in the selector) is in the grouped layers and for every other layer with the same color pink selected is coming up in that blue.

Thank you for response and I would appreciate any insight you have.

Wait, so the layers inside the group shows the correct, pink color, but the layers outside the group get the blue one? If you cannot share the .kra file (you could crop it to be for example 100x100 pixels, it wouldn’t take much space on the server or violate your copyrights too much), could you please select the Color Selector Tool, go to Tool Options and select “Sample Current Layer”, go to appropriate layers for both crosses and check what values do you get in the Tool Options? Do you get pink in both cases or the blue one gives you blue?

Yes, the grouped layers are coming up as normal. It is all the other layers that are having the “blue” issue. I have no issues sharing its just I’m not the most tech savvy person, sorry :sweat_smile: how do I send the .kra file? I sampled both crosses and the blue is coming up as blue with the color selector.

Are you sure you used the “Sample Current Layer” setting? You may want to check all other layers if they also have “Normal” blending mode.

You can just upload the file using the pretty landscape button in the comment editor, afaik it takes .kra file just fine. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I had it on sample current layer and went through all the layers individually. The blending modes of each layer is what I checked first because I have a habit of accidentally clicking the wrong button and changing my layer to interpolation -2X specifically :joy: They are all on normal.

I tried that but I get this message when I try to upload a krita file

If you want to make a .kra file available, you can use your Dropbox, Google Drive, etc service and post the link to the file here.
Or, you can use a web-based file sharing service, of which there are many. has a free, no need for registration service that stores a file for a maximum of 30 days, which should be long enough to deal with this problem.
Or you can sign up for a service that gives a longer storage time if you prefer.

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Oh beautiful, thank you so much!

Alright… for now I cannot see why it happens… everything seems ok, but it just works differently than it should.

But I did find a workaround, and since new layers are working correctly, I guess it should be good enough for you until we find out why this happens.

Workaround (for every layer that shows blue):

  • right-click on the layer
  • select “Flatten Layer”

Btw a smaller image (only two layers, one good, one not, with S in pink on both layers) for those who wants to test -

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Thank you for all your troubleshooting and finding a work around! I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face: