Colorize Mask Layer Problem

Hello. Whenever i use the colorize mask and color it in (all steps followed) it does not show the color on after removing edit key strokes

You have ‘magenta’ set to the Transparent colour (it has a line through it).
I don’t understand why the red and orange don’t work.

Does your lineart have any gaps in it?
The Colourise Mask has the ability to ignore small gaps and that is adjusted by one of the parameters on the Tool Options docker, Gap Close Hint, but i’ve never used it.

Also, if you right-click on the Toolbox, you can select the size of the tool icons. You have them very big but that may have been your choice

I made Magenta transparent on the wings because it was getting colored too.
Toolbox size was largened on my own choice. But although the blue in the background is filling in the other colors are not. and i checked there are no gaps. Don’t know why this is happening

This is strange.
Using colour to alpha to recover your lineart, to give black lineart on a transparent layer, over a white background layer, I can use a colourise mask with no problem:

I’m wondering why your lineart is on a layer called “background”.

I can’t understand why you have the problem.

Can you try again using a ‘solid’ brush such as Basic-1 for colouring?
If I used Airbrush Pressure then there were small leaks into other areas.

My layer was called background because i opened the drawing from open option in file. so it created a new tab and made the drawing in a layer named background. I tried pasting it onto a prepared tab but that also didn’t work. also can you please explain ‘Using colour to alpha to recover your lineart,’. I Don’t understand. Also did you open or paste or how did you bring it into your canvas

It’s good practice to rename a layer according to what it is or what it does. That is of great help, even for simple work.

It doesn’t matter how you get an image onto a layer in your .kra file. I just opened a download of your second image and did select - copy - paste to new image - duplicate layer - do work on the duplicate - etc.

Filter → Colours → Colour to Alpha is an adjustable filter that will make a particular colour transparent. It will make similar colours partly transparent depending on the Threshold settings in the filter controls. It’s just a little technique I used to isolate the black lineart from the blue and white of your second posted image.

You seem to have black lineart on a transparent layer, which is good, over a solid white ‘background layer’, which is good. So, it’s a puzzle.

As you can see, I have the same arrangement of layers as you do. (Ignoring the intermediate work and experiment layers under the White Background.)

Can you share your original .kra file using a link to a file sharing service or website? I’d like to find out what’s happening in there.