Colors do not match what I chose

Hi! I am very new to Krita and I am running into trouble with getting it to select the right color. For example, I chose Turquoise but when I start painting the color showed up as a greenish-brown on the paper while the color indicator still showed Turquoise. I should mention that when I was moving my drawing the colors changed into the ones I originally chose, but when I clicked apply it returned to the same color greenish-brown. Also on the overview screen it shows Turquoise but on the main screen it is the same greenish-brown. I am very new to the digital drawing world and have really no experience in it. So when you get a chance to get back to me, please do it in terms I can understand. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Which version of krita and which operating system are you using?

When you say, “… on the paper …”, do you mean on the canvas, i.e… the painting area?

Under the View menu item along the top, do you have Soft Proofing enabled. If so, disable it.

Can you upload a full screen screenshot (.png) taken when this is happening, with the Overview docker showing?

Hi! My operating system is Windows 7 Pro and Krita 4.4.1 . You are correct! I meant the painting area. I just looked in the view menu and the Soft Proofing wasn’t enabled. Sorry, how do I take a screenshot on Krita?

Sadly, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 a year ago so the developers can’t support Windows 7 or take care of Windows 7 specific problems anymore.

However it may be possible to sort this out.

When you were moving your drawing, were you using the Move tool or the Transform tool?

If you paint a pure red line and a pure blue line and a pure green line are they the correct colour?

If you go to Settings -> Configure Krita -> Display group-> Canvas Acceleration tab, then change the Preferred Renderer from OpenGL to Angle (or vice versa), then press OK, Quit krita and restart, does that fix the problem?

On that same Settings page, if you untick/disable Canvas Graphics Acceleration, does that fix things?

Do Help -> Show system information for bug reports and copy/paste the contents to a reply here.

There is a possibility that you need to update your video drivers which is not an easy search or a trvial task.

On Windows 7, you can press the Print Screen (Prt Scn or whatever it says) button to put an image of the entire screen onto the system clipboard, then you can paste it into an image and export it as a .png file for uploading.

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This is when I was using the transform tool.

This was after I clicked apply for the transform tool.

I tried out different colors and they all did the same thing. Even the color for the backdrop!

I changed it from direct 3D to open GL and it seems to be working now! Thank you sooooo much for your time and effort in helping me figure this out! Thank you!!! :grin:

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