Colour Picking "Hops" Around Between Other Colours -- Very Recent Issue

Hi everyone!

I recently stumbled onto an issue with Krita while trying to select colours. The colour selector (In this example I use the Pallette docker, but this happens for all colour selection methods.) seems to “hop” around between a few different colours, around two, before settling on the desired colour. I see this happen with every colour selecting docker, but in the screen recording below, I show it happening in the Pallete.

Notice how the orange border around the colour moves beyond where my cursor is.

This hopping seems to happen for about a second, and during that time I cannot paint. This also seems to pose a problem for when I use keyboard shortcuts: If I use ctrl-click to select a canvas colour for example, the hopping occurs but it also seems to screw up the colour selection and produces a colour that I didn’t pick. If I select a colour and then press shift to change my brush size right after, the colour doesn’t seem to stick. The hopping also makes it harder to manage colours – while I was trying to clean out my pallettes for example, I would accidentally delete a colour that I had not selected.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I seem to have had it for about the last month now on and off. I haven’t submitted a bug report because I can’t quite be certain what the exact steps to reproduce this are, or if it’s even a bug (could just a problem on my end). If I ctrl-click for instance, I don’t know how many times it will hop. And I think selecting the exact same colour that was previously selected does not cause a hop to occur. Overall, it seems fairly unpredictable from my point of view.

Tech specifics: I’m on version 4.3.0-beta1 on windows 10, but have had it for the 4.2.9 stable build too. This version is on a Microsoft surface pro with pen.

I don’t see that happening with the 4.3.0 beta-1 Linux appimage. I tried it with a two-group palette with some identical colours in both groups.

Are you sure that it’s been happening only for the last month and did not happen before with 4.2.9?

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I think it happened with 4.2.9. I put the month figure because that’s when I approximately remember noticing it.

Also, I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling Krita, and it seems to have fixed the issue! I’ll update this if it starts up again, but it looks like things are fine now.