this is my first time

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:slight_smile: Hello @kathy, and welcome to the forum!

This is your first time with what? Not knowing how to upload a picture? That can be solved, but if this was your only message, then that is much too less to open a new topic for, at least in this forum, please obey this in your future postings. Here we talk about art in general and about Krita in special, because this is a forum dedicated to the software Krita!

So, if you want to post pictures here in the forum that you have created with Krita (at least mostly), you can do so in the different categories of the forum section “Artwork”.

Work In Progress for not yet finished artworks

Finished Artworks for finished works

Animations for animations

Traditional for works on traditional media such as canvas, cardboard, paper, etc., without the requirement that it be painted with Krita.

If you don’t know how to upload a picture to this forum, you are not the first one who has looked for it. You just have to press the button that is in the little red box in the screenshot. The maximum size is limited, but I don’t know the dimensions (I think it is around 3000x2000 pixels but may be wrong), but you’ll see if the forum software shows an error message about that.

Now I wish you a lot of fun here in the forum and with Krita and always happy painting!