Comics Manager translation folder

Hello everyone! I am trying to make heads or tails about how to use the “Translation folder” to have multiple languages exported automatically, but I can’t find any documentation about it. The github page ( mentions that it can do translations but I can’t find any instructions of how to make use of that functionality.

My current “solution” is to have dialogue in each language have its own layer (not vector, because sound effects also need to be translated), and then to export for each language I have to manually hide other languages in each page.
This kind of defeats the purpose of using the plugin in the first place, and I’m looking for a way that could potentially automate this process so that I don’t lose the mass-export functionality.

Any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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…oooh, what is a Translation Folder? Did Krita finally make it to features that help/aid the translation of comics’ baloons texts? I’ve been trying to use CSP EX (Clip Studio Paint) and feel it is more of a reviewing/correcting tool…Well, I’m going to look further into the “Translatio Folder”… just installed Krita 4.3.0 and … here we goooooooo

Each python plugin has their documentation bundled. You can go to the plugin manager in configure krita, and select the plugin from the list. The documentation will appear in the section below.

Right now, the CPMT can only provide translations for the ACBF format, and not render translated pages, because there’s no python-API for editing vectors (I think ACBF viewer or editor does however support loading ACBF files and rendering translations, not sure).