Commission: June portrait (detail)

A detail from a nude portrait I was commissioned.
June’s story is about self acceptance and self love.
When she was a teenager she didn’t love her body because her so called friends had often fun of her curves. They made her feel goofy and ugly, until she dumped them. She spent some time alone, then she made new friends and through them she knew her boyfriend. He related to her problems because he went through the same situations so they started dating and now they’re deeply in love, strongly supporting each other.
She opened an Onlyfans account and she poses as a nude model for artists and photographers, he helps her by managing her account.
I only knew her by private messages and I immediately had a good impression. She asked for a portrait to celebrate herself when the old feelings come back, something vaguely goth with a pinch of oriental sensuality that looked like a real painting. I worked a lot on that so I’m really happy she liked it


I like the story best. Unfortunately, the image detail does not allow any assessment, the resolution is simply too low for that, it does not reveal the set requirement for a real painting, you can not see the brushstrokes, the brushwork as such. What is the original resolution of the painting?
Painting the necklace must have been very elaborate, I find the very long appearing neck interesting, although I only have the necklace bending to the side as an approximate guide.
But what is really important is that she likes the picture!


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Thank you very much for the detailed review, I appreciated your comment.
The original resolution is an A4 in 300dpi, good enough for a large poster. I obviously reserved the HD size for her and posted a lower resolution version on my socials and website.
You will not see the brushstrokes though because I blended a lot. I took the chance to experiment and discover new tecniques and some worked well. The necklace was actually the easiest part, I worked with several layers until I got the result I wished for.
And yes, as you said what really matters is that she was happy of the result :slight_smile:

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