[Community project] Ghibli Inspired brush bundle - WIP

Seeing the many successful community brush bundle collaborations, I would like to open another community brush bundle project: Ghibli Inspired brushes. Seeing as there aren’t that many brushes to create quick vegetation for concept art and suggestive paintings, this would be a great opportunity to make this change. The project is open to any other Ghibli style brushes of course.

Be inspired

Below are a few (paid) brush packs, from which we could draw inspiration. But don’t use any material that cannot be donated to the public domain.



And a painting timelapse (unfortunately this is from Photoshop).

Do you want to join?

So what’s the plan? Anyone can submit resources, be it brush textures, brush presets or bundles. These are made by the community for the community. We can test the submissions, give feedback and make adjustments with the ultimate goal of making them into one bundle that everyone can use and download.

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Nice initiative. :+1:.

Just a heads up please keep the brush tips and other resources free of copyrighted material. If possible prepare from scratch.


Actually, I just found out that you can use SVG brush tips, so I think it would be good to work with them while creating brush tips. That way we can always rasterise them at a certain resolution later.
I also added this feature request: SVG brush tip - control smoothness/ sharpness with an image upscaling factor which would be useful for vegetation specifically as it really depends on the project what size brushes you’ll be using.

I will try to get started on some brush tips. It’s much easier for me to do this now that I know I can work with vectors for them. But it may be a while before I have time for that with current deadlines pending…

I’ve been searching through my collection of resources for brush tips you can use for this project. All of them are free to use and most importantly, free to have.

Most of the ABR-brush sets hosted on DeviantArt, for example, suffer from the fact that the creators have stolen them from everywhere and often do not even name or know their original creators, as they sometimes openly write.
That’s why in most ABR’s you’ll find the same brush tips over and over again, that is not only a problem of DeviantArt it is widespread.
The following selection doesn’t suffer on this issue!

This and other sets from Devin Elle Kurtz, TamberElla on DeviantArt, may be a start →

LJFHutch made some resources in GIMP-format, at least I find them great →


Like his grass? →


All brush sets in his gallery:


Maybe Chickenbusiness’ brush tips created from photo templates would also be worth a look, you don’t necessarily have to apply them photorealistically? You’d get quite a lot of brush-tips to chose from.
Since most of the sets from Chickenbusiness were created with newer PS versions, they would have to be converted first, I can gladly give you the links to ready converted versions in my cloud should you be interested. Here is a link to a (not yet converted) set on DeviantArt, so you can get an idea of what to get →



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Thanks @Michelist for the links!
What I think I’ll be doing is trace over these brush tips so I can make SVG tips for all of the brushes that will be used as stamps. That way, it’s possible to make these brushes with smaller and larger size tips. Also, it ensures their consistency in tip sizes. If the brushes are too slow, people can easily adjust the size of the brushes themselves. No need for re-exporting. And they will always remain sharp.

Should or shouldn’t the brush tips contain opacity?

It’s possible to mask the tips to get opacity in them, not quite sure yet whether I’ll do that. I personally find vegetation brushes with opacity a bit of a double edged sword. They work well in some occassions to make these really suggestive marks, but they make it difficult to cover up the background. What do others think?

What kind of brush tips do you prefer for vegetation?
  • I prefer solid brush tips
  • I prefer brush tips with opacity
  • It depends on the use and can differ from brush to brush
  • I don’t mind

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