Concept art course with krita

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starting next week, I will be giving a 3 year concept art course. I plan on teaching with Krita as main painting program, and photoshop as an alternative, as students will be free to choose. I will also teach basic 3d with blender, and so I was wondering: What are the benefits of using krita when combined with blender? Can we expect future addons that function as a bridge between both or are these allready a thing?



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What kind of bridge do you have in mind? What would it be used for?

Anything that can help us bring 2d on our 3d meshes, for example. I know now that there is an option to edit textures with an external program for example. I’m searching for stuff I did’nt know yet, if you will. Perhaps animation frame import/export? I can’t keep up with krita’s new plugins you know :sweat_smile: My aim is to give enough reasons to use open source, because that’s the best contibution I can make.

If that’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s not very good. It creates a 2D projection of the current scene, including lighting effects then opens it in krita for editing. The edited result is then projected back into Blender with what is probably Normal blending mode. It’s only suitable for minor ‘graffiti’ type additions.

I may have not been able to figure out how to use it properly though or I may be thinking of a completely different thing.

Exporting the surface texture and a UV map as a guide then reimporting it for replacement after editing is a good way to go, if a bit fiddly to drive.