Concept art fast test


Really nice work Ramon!


The concept, the speed, and the color palette…So hot :open_mouth::hot_pepper::fire:

Thanks, @Soma and @zetakroma. I worked in a place like that when i was younger time time ago :wink: i love the fire


Thanks @raghukamath for the featuring :wink:

You are most welcome @RamonM :slight_smile:

Enjoy your playful strokes in rhis piece. Is that something you tested? Or more composition and mood? I think rhere could even be more mood and illumination coming from the molten iron.

I was testing some Radian brushes after my investigation with Jama’s brushes. Radian pack is really good. This entire piece is only one brush 90% I modified the color rate a bit and then I started to move paint not painting.

I like a lot to see what other artists do. Before all the Jama tests I have no idea how to use it. I am sure we can do impressive things. You for example

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Nice, the flowing molten metal looks wicked.