Confusion with diy brush bundle

I maded (resaved ) some brushes as new ones for my purpose
now i want them to organise in bundle to use for project (so clean up spase and dont mess with unneeded stuff)
so as i understand under manage resourses i need to create NEW BUNDLE
and managae BRUSHTIPS and TOOLPRESETS and SAVE it…
what i dont understand is
why default brushtip circle du not appear as option in manage resaurces when i need choose from brushtips?
why inactive bundles still represent unneded brushtips?
am i right, that new resaved brush need krita default brushpack to be usable? otherwise there is a "cros"near icon ?

maybe there is some other way how to save needed brushes in SPECIAL FOLDER?

At this moment resource management is in a very buggy state. This is why the while team works hard on a complete rewrite for over a year, which will be out in krita 5.0.0.
Creating a bundle is a very problematic process now - to export mine I had to move all my resources to old krita with no other resources for instance…
If you don’t plan to share it across the internet I would advice to organize your brushes using the “open resources folder” in the manager. You can then remove those you not need, place them in a separate folder and so on.
At least until 5.0.0 release.

Answering some of your questions:

  1. Brushtips that are not predefined are not images but a group of values which are part of a preset. No need for having them in bundle.
    Brushtips should be added automatically with presets. Unluckily textures are not…
  2. Don’t really know what you mean.
  3. Yes, you can’t attach a resource that is not a file on your computer - at least I had problems with it. Hope it will be fixed. But you can assume that everybody have default krita resources attached. Problem is one when you need something from another bundle.
  4. I advice to open the resources folder as I said at the beginning, and place them somewhere on your drive.
  1. Don’t really know what you mean.

i mean, when i delete bundle or remove it as inactive, brush tips still appear in my brush presset window.

Do you mean the exporting bundle window, or the one where you pick a brushtip for a preset.
If the first one, I guess this is a bug. If the second one: maybe you have a local copy of the preset somewhere in your ‘brushes’ folder. Deactivating a bundle should hide the tips in that window, and I never experienced a problem with that.