Contiguous and simular selection not working

Both not working but all other selection tools are. I saw somewhere on youtube there appears a selection mask but i dont get that. What is this obs?

You need some color on the canvas, or it will just select the whole canvas.
Actually I can’t really tell them apart until trying to seperate the colors.

  • Contiguous Color Selection will only select similar color next to it (within the color fuziness range)
  • Similar Color Selection will select all similar color on canvas, even it is not nearby (within the color fuziness range)

A selection mask can store the selection as a “layer”, so you can turn them off when not needed and reuse when needed.
It is hard to explain in plain text and I don’t use it often, will only explain simple use case.

  • Global selection mask : on krita top toolbar Select > Show Global Selection Mask, the canvas will become red and there will add a “Selection Mask” Layer.
    To have multiple Global selection mask you may need to turn it off the first one in layer docker, then make a new selection.

  • Local selection mask : Layer docker down-left has a tiny arrow next to “+”, click on and it will show a menu, there’s Add Local Selection at the bottom.
    It will have a “Selection Mask” attach to a layer.
    If you want to make multiple different selection on a layer, you need to click the “Selection Mask” in layer docker and select, then make a new “Selection Mask” and repeat. Just make selection on the paint layer will make every attached “Selection Mask” looks the same.

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@Marion666 As usual, a full screen screenshot that includes the Layers docker and the Tool options dockers would be very helpful to anyone who has the time and energy available to try to help you with this.