Continuously Updating (non-animated) Transform Masks

Some time ago, there was a bug report by @Grum999 that was invesigated by @emmetpdx and @eoinoneill. This was about continuously updating animated transform masks:
438768 – Animation curves - transform mask calculation activity even if cache has been rendered

I’ve made a simple non-animated .kra file which has continously updating transform masks - when a transform mask is applied to a clone layer of a group, where the group includes a layer with a transform mask.

For a group that has two layers with transform masks, it spends most of its time doing transform updates and it’s impossible to work with (on my old low powered computer).

It happens on all versions of the appimage from 4.4.8 onwards to the latest nightly build.

Is this a known thing that is being dealt with (as part of the referenced bug report) or do I need to make a new bug report?

Hi AhabGreybeard,

As far as I’m aware, this bug should be fixed in the nightly builds (which is now Krita 5.0). If you have the issue though, I suppose you can reopen it and I’ll take another crack at it.

Edit: It should be noted that we can’t actually only use the cached info, and it will have to recalculated. However, this is unrelated to the update loop, so if you’re encountering the update loop, please open a new bug or find the previously closed bug related to that issue.

Edit2: The update loop bug in question is located here 438538 – Krita is doing some calculations on hidden layers … I will check whether or not I can encounter this issue myself.

This one doesn’t involve animation or hidden layers so I’ve made a new bug report:
443766 – Continuously Updating (non animated)Transform Masks

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