Convert layer style to a separate layer

In Photoshop, we can convert the a layer’s layer style (called layer effect there) into a new separate layer.

It’s especially useful for “stroke” style. Stroke creates an outline around the layer content, effectively enhances the lineart. But sometimes it’s a bit rough and required further tweak. In Photoshop we can separate the stroke into a new layer and tweak it there.

In Krita we can flatten the layer… and that’s it. It works, but not non-destructively as Photoshop’s workflow.

Is that similar (in structure and effect) to a layer mask in krita or is it more like a filter layer in krita?

Layer Fx in krita are non-destructive and can be modified independently of the lineart layer to which they are applied.
I’m having difficulty in understanding what it is that Photoshop does that makes it better or more flexible.

Neither. PS can convert layer style to a normal layer (Krita’s paint layer).

Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said “non-destructive”. Krita’s layer style and PS’s are equally non-destructive. But PS offers an additional step before flattening. And therefor it’s more flexible.

For example, this is a circle with layer style (drop shadow):

In PS, one can “render” this drop shadow into a new layer:

This way one can hand-paint or apply filter on this drop shadow only.

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Oh right. “Extract/separate the effect/style”.

So can’t you just clone the layer, make the art transparent via a color overlay blend mode, then you would would have just the layer style in that layer. No?


That trick I did not know about.

Sorry could you please elaborate a little bit more? I’m not sure which blend mode makes it transparent.

Try it?
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