Hi all : )

There is a challenge from the french comic artist Penelope Bagieu called #coronamaison (Or #coronahouse).
The goal is to draw or paint an interior based on a provided template.
So here’s my illustration.
Drawing cables and wires is quite stress-relieving.

C&C are welcome : )


Can we see the template too? The tone and mood of the scene is really nice. I also like the style of the lines.


Niiiice! :smiley:


Sure ! Here you go :

(It was made by Timothy Hannem )
You can also download it on this website : (And see other artwork)

Thanks !

that is really nice, you surely did a great job based on this template.

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Er, that’s kinda cheating cos you traced it. Actually, it’s excellent, reminds he of the old heavy Metal comics. I admire those who can fill up a space with detail, very cinematic.

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Great mood and lighting! :grin:

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Very interresting challenge, I might try it :smiley:
And very good work, I always love to see random technological mess, full of details etc (especially in that style).

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