Cove - artwork for a demo of a band

Hey everyone!

Finally something from me, I was just lurking around, getting more into Krita and all that until now. I’m working on this cover for an EP that a guy I know will release in a few weeks from now. Is there technically anything that you think doesn’t make sense or could be improved?

It is supposed to be black and white, show some cave entrances that are not perfectly clear on the very first quick read of the image, high contrast and the composition is so far pretty much done, he loves it the way it is. But I can’t stop the feeling that I missed something.

This is my first “final” artwork that is done 100% in Krita. I finally got rid of PS and Adobes subscribtion and wanted to see how far I can go with Krita. So far I like it a lot and made a good bunch of my own brushes. :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping by!

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really nice rock texture :wink:

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Very cool \m/_
I’m noticing some brushstrokes that look like ornaments on the rocks. Although you have decided on an entry that is not very evident, sharper ornaments around it would be very beautiful.

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As a rock lover i like it. One thing that worries me is the amount of black. if this goes for printing purposes. Be careful with that. and check first before you send the file to your customer.
Maybe you miss some elements for giving the scale to the rocks? like a human or tree or birds or whatever we are very used to see in real life. Anyway it also deppends on what is the goal and how the overlay text is placed over the image too


Great texture work, and great to see you post here! Regarding feedback, I agree with everything said by @RamonM, and I’ll add a small thing, which is that the the slight balancing issue of the white zones, being predominantly on the left. I think maybe some rim lighting effects on the mid to bottom right rocks would help alleviate this, as well as make the sparks feel more grounded with the rest of the scene.

Hope this helps!

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I’m confused if you wanted to show a river coming from top or if the water is only on the bottom.
Anyway, smaller, not distracting details on the water waves and its effects can give a bit more scale.
Try to render better the water, currently it’s OK but not special.

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I think it is a great painting! I reminds me of Doré, even though you haven’t done it with “small lines”.

I also think it will be a great cover for an EP. The contrast is good, it is not too symmetrical, so it is dynamic. And classic.

One minor improvement you could try, and that I think was mentioned above, is applying some rim light to the rocks, especially the ones on the left. Create a new layer and try it out, nothing to loose. And you can adjust the opacity later.

Great stuff! And congrats on throwing out the Adobe suite. I quit “that shit” when they started the subscription, switched to linux and libre graphics software and have never looked back since. Your world will be larger.

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