Cozy tenemant

I finally finished new high-quality illustration, and I’m actually quite proud of it. It’s inspired by amazing Tommy Kim studies. I’ve spend a lot of time analyzing his artworks, and I’m so happy it paid off.

The tenement is floating in the air, as during the process I had this idea of flying from one estate to another. Unluckily the “flying scooters” I designed, weren’t sitting well enough in the composition, so I had to remove them, though the overall concept was fun.

At the beginning of the process I used the photo I took in my neighborhood. It helped me a lot to start, but it was less and less useful later, when a lot of different elements were added.

Hope you liked the final result too :wink:


I like the softness, yeah, it looks cozy enough as titled. :+1:

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Thank you. I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Really nice, punchy shapes and colours! Great work!

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Great you think so :slight_smile: thanks!

Really good. Composition is inviting you to enter or open this door.

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That’s great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Beautiful, interesting design and nice stylization

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Thank you. I’m really glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Hard work paid off :+1: cool image and style

Yes, it needed a lot of preparation, but I guess it was worth it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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So very cute!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I like everything about this picture. I think your hard work has payed of. Any way, keep up this good momentum.

Thank you :slight_smile: It did, bu It also occurred quite hard actually to keep up with such a high quality level. But I’m practicing, and hope for more great artworks in the future :wink:

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I certainly cant wait to see them. This is such a pleasantly inspirational piece - well done to you indeed.

Thanks a lot! I’m doing my best :wink: And welcome to the krita community - I hope you’ll like it here :slight_smile: