Create Bundle from selection in the Resource Manager

Being in the process of creating some brushes, I would want to save them out occasionally just to have backups. I tag them all with my own tags to have them separated from the rest.

In the Resource Manager I can nicely select them by using the “Tag” dropdown and pick them from the list. But when I want to export them using the “Create Bundle” button I start from a blank slate and have to select the brushes all over again from a very long and hard to navigate list.

It would be awesome, if the selection from the Resource Manager could be transferred to the Bundle Creator (so that they are already selected there) so I don’t have to select those brushes from that unpractical list.

Optionally the Bundle Manager could be made a bit more user friendly so that selecting assets is a bit easier using tags or other search options.

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Yes, both of those things are planned, though there was no time to do it for 5.0.


Sounds great. Cheers.