Criteria for "Featured" tag?

Just out of curiosity, what are the criteria applied to artworks earning the “Featured” tag? Who decides? I can’t say I disagree with any of those selected, but looking through the Finished Artworks category, I can see many others that I would have thought should have at least been considered. Is it based on votes (likes)?

I think @raghukamath makes that decision.
He’s the site owner/controller so he has that ability :slight_smile:


Here an old discussion with some posts (not all) talking about this subject.


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I tried to check out the voting plugin mentioned in the previous reply. But adding yet another plugin to the mix was a bit overwhelming in terms of site maintenance. I try to keep the plugins to minimum. If you have any other way of choosing the featured image I am open to suggestions.

Currently I glance over the finished artwork category once a week to see which is at the top in terms of likes and choose one from them. Some time other moderators suggest me to make some image featured.

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