Croquis - study

I have been doing croquis over the weekend and will continue this week! Some of them were 1h long while other where 20-15 mins.
Over all I feel like I am starting to understand how to but I would really appreciate some thoughts and feedback on them!
I know that anatomy wise there is still to improve , what I am intrested is in how I can approach these to make them more fluid. Less stiff.
ps: I added the nsfw label this time but I am not sure if the picture thumbnails get blurred as they should or not.I hope they do, if not please tell me how to do that:D


Pretty nice, the anatomy is fine at this point. There’s slight stiffness, so make sure the gesture is even a bit exaggerated. A good rule to make things flow is to think of lemons (I heard this first time from Ethan Beckers videos). Everything is made out of lemon slices (well not everything), so it’s basically just making sure that things aren’t too symmetrical. Like your arms and legs seem to be like tubes (In simple construction yes, but in figure drawing, tubes is too ambiguous)
Drawing through the form is also good for flow (basically not stopping the line where it should.)

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Thank you! Ah yes the lemons! I saw that video from Ethan and for a while I did try and use the slice. I think I defaulted back to simple construction as you said.
As for the gesture , I will totally try exegerating a bit tommorow and see how it goes. I was super focus on getting things on paper as close as possible to what I was seeing that I didn’t think of taking liberties like that.

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Sometimes we can’t trust what our eyes see and our interperteration of it ends up being more accurate than trying to be perfect.