Cryon, a Krayon parody

Uh… yeah. Krita used to be called Krayon, and I thought of parodying KDE once, starting with Krita/Krayon. Now includes Cry instead of K, so Cryon and Cryta? This is a silly thing I made up around one or two weeks ago, and I want to see where you take the craziness next.




I would also like to have these drugs…
…although I’d better stay with my morphine, because I don’t get such “funny” ideas. :ambulance:


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I should log out now, before I start to Cry.


That’s not how the crazy KDE parody I made up works!

It was not a joke, I know drugs much too well for that. It’s just that I can’t make sense of your outpourings. So far I have heard such things only from two groups of people, one is sick, and the other was under the influence of drugs.
To understand other people it is occasionally helpful to make their experiences, to see what they see, so it might be helpful to reach the same state of mind. But I did not want to dare to do THIS EXPERIMENT, it could not be compatible with the morphine, which I unfortunately need because I am seriously ill.


Oops. Uh… ok?

I think this thread is going no where. I agree lounge is for off topic posts etc. But please be keep it short tasteful and civil. Now if you all agree may I close this topic?


Alright, fine.