Cthulu Novel Cover

Hello, I am a KRITA user from China.
Here is some of my work from the past year with KRITA.
Thank you very much to the developer of this software.

I’m already supporting him on STEAM!
My English sucks!!! Thanks for clicking through to my post!



Welcome to the forum amberely

What an amazing work. It looks absolutely astonishing. Great how you worked all this details.

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I’d like to exchange a lot of my work, but I don’t understand the site’s upgrade system, and I’m still a new user who can only post two images at a time.


Currently you are a new member, if you post often, you can submit more artwork

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There is no upgrade. To get to the next user-level which allows you to upload several pictures at once, you just have to spend more time active on the site. You have to be logged in your account that it counts!

I see, Venn has already answered you :-).

You might have been confused about the “Donate” button. This is not for upgrading. Through this you or any body can make a donation for the Krita Project. This will help to maintain and develope the software further. The developers release every month a new upgraded version of Krita.

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Thanks for explaining the rules of the site~
I supported KRITA’s project on STEAM.
PAYPAL is a bit difficult to handle for users in China.
I have regular updates and visit the website, but I don’t have a VISA card so I haven’t purchased the KRITA brush pack yet, a few of my friends have supported the brush pack and said it’s interesting.
I plan to purchase a copy sometime and check it out.

Oh oh, I see.thx~
Actually, as long as the Internet is available, the regional differences are not that great.
Do you have any intention to work with me?

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Oh oh so that is the WeChat ID, in fact I use QQ more, my QQ is 790276245, your WeChat I have applied for ~

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