Curious about this 15 day limit on post replies

What’s the story here? Why is it necessary to lock posts after 15 days? Is it something specific to this forum app or is there some other reason? Just curious.

It stops people from keeping a topic going beyond its useful life.
There were problems with year old topics being resurrected by people adding a Reply to them so the ‘cut off’ was used.

As @AhabGreybeard said, people kept replying to old topic. Often times it is that they have a problem, instead of creating a new topic for it, they just hijack old topics. Sometimes the topics are completely irrelevant to what they want. Once a solution is given to the original poster, the topic should be closed hence the 15 limit and if there is a solution marked it closed in 3 days.

Did it hinder your use of the forum in any way? It is not for entire forum only for the support and develop, feature request category

Thanks for the responses. Fair enough. I was looking for an answer to a problem yesterday and came across an older topic that was in line with what I was looking for. Making a brand new topic isn’t a problem for me.

But… adding a comment to an old post, or making a new one, seems a bit like six of one or a half dozen of the other. In either case you’re creating new content that has to be dealt with (or sifted through). :wink:

Consider a year old post about a problem with the ABC filter. It has back and forth questions and screenshots and suggestions and explanations and more screenshots. It finally got solved.

Then, someone comes along (a year later) and Replies to it, saying, “I have a problem with the XYZ filter. Can anyone help me?”
That sort of thing happened too often.
You can always refer back to an old topic with a link.

And then notifications will be sent to all those were involved and the original topic creator, why bother resurrecting old thread. In many forums this is discouraged or outright banned. It is called necro bumping.

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“You can always refer back to an old topic with a link.”

good point

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