Cursor missing using time parameter with size curve controller.

If you activate the curve for the size in a brush, and assign the time or fade parameter to it, setting the curve from more than 0 to 0 (for example to draw grass from the base towards the tips), the cursor freezes when reached the end, staying as a point, where it has become the end of the line. It does not update again, recover its size and continue to follow the pencil, until I make another stroke, which I have to start blindly because I have no cursor to guide me. I guess it’s a bug, someone correct me if I’m wrong. A greeting.

I think this is a bug in 4.4.0. Are you using version 4.4.0?
What I see happening doesn’t happen in 4.3.0. Does your problem happen in 4.3.0?

For me it only happens when canvas graphics acceleration is turned on; it doesn’t happen with canvas graphics acceleration turned off.

It’s the brush outline that gets stuck in position when the size is reduced to zero by the transfer curve. The cursor is not affected so it may be that you have no cursor, just a brush outline.
As a workaround, until it gets fixed, you can try enabling a cursor at
Settings -> Configure Krita -> General group -> Cursor tab

This will need a bug report.
If you raise a bug report at then please post a link to it in a reply here.

Hi, thanks for your response. I have tried and you are correct. It only happens in 4.0. If I disable the canvas graphic acceleration, the outline directly does not appear, and it is not the cursor but the outline that is frozen. I have noticed that even in 3.0 the outline is always at the minimum and only enlarges at the beginning of each stroke, I think it would be more logical if it had its maximum size always, it stayed at the minimum as long as you did not lift the brush after the stroke, and return to the original size when lifting the pencil. I will report the bug, thank you very much for your advice and greetings.