Custom Preview Plugin

Hi everyone, I made a plugin for Krita that displays a mini version of your artwork in a docker. You can find it here


This plugin adds a docker which displays a smaller version of the image you have open. This can be used to get a sense of how your drawing looks overall while you are zoomed in. The preview resizes dynamically, so you can choose how large or small you want it. In addition, it uses nearest-neighbor scaling, so it’s perfect for pixel art.

The docker includes two buttons for setting foreground and background images, which are displayed in front of and behind the preview. You could use the foreground image for seeing how your drawing looks like as a round icon. The path to these foreground and background images is saved in the .kra file.

I’ve included a few basic foreground and background images that people might find useful, but of course you can make your own as well! If you think other people would find your own foreground or background image useful, feel free to upload them to GitHub and submit a pull request.


Welcome to the forum!
I love the simplicity of the plugin, it looks very nice! :grin:

Thank you! Would it be possible to add it to the official list?

I think @tiar maintains the plugin list.

Is this aimed at pixel art rather than general painting?

Well I made it for pixel art as that’s what I needed, but it also works just the same for general painting.

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