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TLDR: Can we choose the image used as a thumbnail for a topic? Or have an option to use the latest one.

My story:
I doodle a lot. Usually, I’m working on a topic and I make lots of variants I post like a stream but, on the website, I bunch that stream of sketches into a single topic. If I made a new topic per doodle. I would flood the website with rough content.
Then if I click the category in which my topic fits, it’s always the first image that shows. It must be boring for people to keep seeing that image for weeks… It would be cool if the latest pic was shown instead, or a kind of cover I define so my topic is not just represented by the first image I posted but something more up-to-date or meaningful.

As far as I know - thumbnails can be change in Finished Work and Work In Progress Thread. [I don’t know for other section] For this two section I know for sure it can be change - As I have change mine / in my sketchbook thread.

I think if you can see the large pencil beside the title of the thread, click it - the select thumbnail option appears.


Thank you!!! That’s what I was looking for! I had no idea it existed!

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