Customizable Color Picker/Changes

I’m requesting more options to the color picker.

I think the color picker blends in too easily.

Having an option like this would make it the color picking process clearer.

Vertical option? My eyes personally shift much faster across horizontally than diagonally. Not necessary but would be nice.

Maybe add left/right side as well. I remember someone mentioning they couldn’t see the color picker because they were using a screen tablet. The hand can block the squares.



Honestly I hate those squares.
They even pop up when using the dockers.

Should there an option to not show the squares? :thinking: Or maybe a different shape/formation.

My opinion they should have another arrangement and location. But their display is buggy too I just have not been able to pin point the issue.

Like this is always if your left handed or right handed one of those groups can’t see anything.

Another arrangement wouldn’t bad. Maybe I’ll think of some mockups.

I did this for giggles but I’ve actually taken a liking to it ahaha.

There are pros and cons to this type of picker. It would have to be bigger to accommodate the purpose of the squares. But your eyes would be able to recognize the color you are picking/former color with less eye movement.

variation. Feel free to add ideas of your own in this thread.

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I’m having a field day with these :joy:

I was thinking more of regular geometric shapes. For analysis I would take a look at PS that has a really good one and probably the best choice as it goes all around the pointer and displays perfect over too.

I would do something more focused over the mouse pointer and not inside the icon or under your hand.

a simple idea over the mouse.

as for the black border, maybe 50% grey instead though I am not sure. Any color you choose it has issues even if you do a flip colors blendy method for the colors underneath. 50 is stable and half way. donno. Regardless there cant be black between the current and the previous color only around I think.

Color inside the picker icon is not good though and the widget cant be too close or it will overlap the mouse pointer with lag on certain computers as it follows. but a good thing is that you can make regular shapes like squares, ellipses , polygons and beziers I think. it would not be out the table of considerations but then everything has to be inside a square after.


For the advance colour selector docker you can remove them I think.

I think there is a option yes but, I don’t use the Advanced Color Selector.

This is Google Translate.
Considering left-handers, I think this one is better.