Daile practice


These are all really nice - great use of composition and shapes. I love that warm sunset in particular, and the way you’ve rendered the background in the top ice pic! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with @Mythmaker, these are fantastic and an inspiration.

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Love them. amazing work

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These are really nice - maybe look at pushing the contrast a little more? Many of these have the blacks lifted very high.

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked it ( ゚ヮ゚)

Thank you. Maybe this arts need contrast, if I am going to finish drawing.
I little use dark colors because it is difficult to see the nuances on mobile devices.

I use dark colors when I need melancholy spirit.

@Sineater @CrazyCatBird @knock2 It is my pleasure you enjoyed that.


I like a lot your daily practice sketches. They are very clean. It would be amazing to see you painting with the video recorder in Krita 5. :wink:

Yes, I am waiting Krita 5 with impatience, it promises to be fascinating :grinning:
Thank you

Hello ! I love your backgrounds, I do bg art as well but I was wondering if you could give me some tips : ( Your background art has a crisp polished style to it, I wish I could achieve that, your works remind me of several cartoon artists that were an inspiration for me (such as bgs shown in Samurai Jack but more detailed). How do you do this? Do you work with the selection tool? I’d love to see more of your works ahhh, I bet the ones with snow were fun to work with

Hi! Thank you

Well, yes, I work with bezier curve selection tool and I like Alchemy brush (called Shapes Fill) to create rough shapes.
I prefer to create objects with hard edges. Then I lock up alpha channel and can work with smooth brush. I don’t create objects with smooth brush, even I draw clouds I take hard brush or texture brush or brush with one hard edge and other soft edge (5 picture). After you create shapes you can smudge or blend it, you need to control shape has somewhere hard edges (accent), somewhere smooth.
I rarely use opacity in brush properties, it can make mess and mud.
I like gradients, it help to smooth out backgound or separete one plane from the other.

I believe that need to devote a lot of time to composition. It can be simple but beautiful.
https://www.ctrlpaint.com/ This site gave me useful advices about composition.

I reccomend this book Color and light by James Gurney. I also study and watch how other artist work with color.

Youtube channels about landscapes

You can ask questions. I hope my answer is useful.

P.S. Say about my works, I post it here, just rarely :sweat_smile: