Danilo Gentili's Birthday Party Panel

Danilo Gentili is a famous Brazilian stand-up comedian. He is currently known for his work as a television host on “The Noite” Talk Show. I’ve worked for him as an illustrator since 2009. We’ve become good friends with each other and we’ve done several works together. Last year I executed this job for his 40-years-old Birthday Party. Represent all of his conquers during all these years. Let me show you how I made this using the video of another job ( https://youtu.be/JjoR2wNSeEs ).


This is a fantastic work! I’m amazed at how you’re able to get that pastel-like texture on your painting from the video. Great job.

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Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it. I only used the brush texture.

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Awesome anatomy, really nice!

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Thank you very much!!

Welcome to the forum! very nice texture and feel. I am not sure if this warrants a NSFW tag. What do others say? @tiar @wolthera

I think this is really a borderline case, as it is naked women who are naked for sexual reasons. Like, it wouldn’t be NSFW in Belgium/France, but I can imagine it being in the USA.

But yes, indeed, solid work.


In my opinion it shows a bit too much nakedness to not be nsfw. Let’s keep it blurred?

But of course, it’s a great job :slight_smile:

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This is some good work, we hope to see more from you. Your youtube channel is also good :+1:

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A stand-up comedian? He looks more like a playboy XD
Great work! The piece has a lot of going on and you executed everything perfectly!

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Thank you guys for all the comments and orientations! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: