Dark Rey (Star Wars)

First drawing of the decade. Inspired by the latest Star Wars movie.


@RamonM I love the round wet circle (Mypaint) brush you created. I use it all the time. :slight_smile:

I love the face! Great expression.

Thanks! I wanted her to look ‘hollow’ and ‘empty’, and also with rage. That was the aim at least :smiley:

Is this what happens to Rey after she reads Twitter about the movie?

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Lol yes it might. Haven’t read much critics and reviews. Are they that bad? :thinking:

Take the craziest Twitter user and double that.

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Which one i have created some of that style :smiley: please capture . I will give a +1 to that brush . Those notes are useful for me whewn i want to modify or improve something

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Sure, but I’m not at home for a couple of days so I can not check it right now.