Dark Tavern-Tips and Critique wanted

Getting better at applying texture with perspective. All textures in this (stone and wood) were self drawn at the same scale as the full piece and designed to be wrappable but I haven’t found a good way in krita to apply a wrappable texture multiple times on a surface. I feel like they still have a slightly mechanical look to them. Is that cause I used the same texture across the piece for so many surfaces? Feedback and tips on texture or the piece in general is appreciated. This was only a couple hours including the texture drawings tonight.


I worry for that place because they have torches so close to wooden walls and ceiling. :slight_smile:

I would either scale up the people, or scale down the torches.

Har har, okay, fire+wood, I get it. I don’t intend to redraw since this was just a daily prompt practice, just trying to understand the application of textures more than anything. I had wanted it to feel like a large room but I get that the scale is a bit off.