Dawn at the Lake (WIP)

Started to play around with a new practice landscape painting based on this CC-0 photo:

I’m probably about 4 or so hours in at this point. Got most of the colors down, and pretty much ready to move on to detailing now. Here is the initial underpainting I had done in the first hour or so.

Probably going to sleep on it before moving on to the detailing phase, as I’d like to mull over some approaches to working on the detail and how faithful I’d like to stay to the reference. I’m thinking about probably leaving out the traces of human activity like the boat and houses.


Looks really good so far! I don’t think you’d even need to add anymore detail, the picture is enjoyable even without them. I’d say just start another one: More paintings, the better!

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Thanks, but I’m working towards finding and refining a particular style that would need a fair bit more detail, but not too much more. I’m trying to walk the fine line between expressionism and realism and I’m only about half way through the upper limits of the time I’d like to spend on a single painting (about 4 of 8 hours or so), so I’d still like to put at least one more session into it, possibly today.

Though I suppose that will depend on where the night leads me. I got a bit caught up yesterday in messing around with learning some Japanese through translating some Yotsubato! manga and haven’t fully got that out of my system yet, heh.

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Keep at it bro!

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