DayPaintStudio Favorite Brushes

Brush bundle for Krita5.1Beta or later.

A set of my favorite brushes. Some are made from scratch, others are based on brushes from other artists.

Download: DayPaintStudio Favorite Brushes

I hope you will enjoy my brush set, have fun!

If you are using previous versions of Krita (5.0.X), download smaller pack:

DPS Favorite Brushes Small Pack


yo, whenever i try to use these brushes my Krita crashes, has anyone else had this issue?

The brushes also cause Krita to crash on my side.


KDE Plasma on Linux Mint

Krita Nightly

The likely reason that the brushes cause a crash is because 5.1 beta 1 has a regression where brushes saved or created in that version have buggy metadata that are unable to be read in other versions.

You can observe this by opening a .kpp in Krita 5.1 beta 1 and checking for escape codes in Image → Properties → Annotation. Escape codes such as &lt and &gt aren’t supposed to be there and suggest that the brush should be remade in a non-bugged Krita version (like the current Krita Plus build or the upcoming beta 2). EDIT: Brushes can now be converted to normal versions by using a plugin linked later in this thread.

@tiar might be interested in seeing this thread.

Might be worth noting that this issue doesn’t affect brush backups that were made in a version without that regression, so you can possibly revert to a particular backup if the brush only has small tweaks made in beta 1.


Oh noooo! Please someone tell me that there’s an easier way! I’ve made or edited quite a few brushes in beta1, aaarrrgh! Already noticed that my brushes seemed to crash the nightlies or even 5.0.6. - now I know…

Can the newer versions not simply ignore those codes? How can something like this even happen…? Not amused…

Tiar has mentioned to me that she might create a python plugin that should automatically convert a brush’s metadata back to something that works.

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Ah, that’d be really a godsend! And btw. thanks for posting the info (both about the bug and a possible solution) - I was just a little bit frustrated. :slight_smile:

I have already encountered this problem, that’s why there are 2 different packs one for 5.1Beta and one for older versions. Newer brushes crush older Krita.

Sadly, brushes saved in 5.1 beta 1 are neither backward-compatible nor forward-compatible.

Thank you, this will be very helpful in the future. I will try to rearrange this package and add new stuff when the stable release comes out.

The brushes made before 5.1 beta (in 5.0.6 for example, or in nightly versions before the change in metadata) should be working just fine in 5.1 beta 2 and future versions.

This was a bug, thankfully discovered before final release.

I will make the script asap :slight_smile: (Also will try to ensure Krita won’t crash even encountering them in the wild, but I don’t think adding code to read them would be beneficial, it would be mostly maintenance cost, better to just convert all of the presets to the proper version and drop those that crash/can’t be loaded).


@daypaintstudio @tom @dreamkeeper and even @humongous_micheal and @LaTor if you don’t want to wait:

I made the plugin, I made a thread about it here: Brush Fixer for brushes created in Krita 5.1 beta 1


damn ya’ll found a fix so fast, tysm!

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