Deeper community integration

I recently had the opportunity to play with an iPad and took some notes. In the iPad version of some painting apps (Medibang Paint for example), there is expanded functionality to navigate their art community built right in. You can upload/share your art, see what others have posted, and see/join community competitions from within the app. In comparison, Krita has a plain link to the community page thrown in where it’s easy to not notice.

I wouldn’t want to just copy their homework, but I do like the idea of being able to engage with the community from within the app. Is this something that has been discussed before? It would bring more attention to the talent that is being posted on this site.

This is a nice suggestion. But i have exhausted my votes :). Meanwhile you yourself can also vote this.

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Yes, we’ve discussed this a number of times, and @sh-zam is actually working on the start of it: a new welcome page. Though to take this further, we would need to develop some kind of cloud integration stuff, and that’s web development…


While I understand the idea, I would personally like to disable such things, so I don’t get distracted from using Krita myself :blush:

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Yep, same here. I would prefer to keep the forum/social separate from the art application.

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I agree with @Hologram, and @kacart. It would be a fantastic feature for some, but maybe a bit distracting for other people.

I’m glad I brought this up for discussion. On a PC, saving a file and uploading it here is as simple as that. On an Android tablet however, knowing where you’re saving a file is not nearly as intuitive, and navigating to this website and uploading said file isn’t exactly a perfect experience.

I get that not everyone would want to be force fed the latest community posts by default, but having the option there for those who want it would open the doors to interesting ideas. If more people are inclined to upload here, more users, more publicity, more income to improve Krita hopefully?

Maybe even something as simple as a “Upload to” button would be nice.


Would you need to be already signed in to the KA forum via a browser session?
If not, how would sign in be dealt with?

Would topic title and user comment be entered in the KA forum via the usual browser interface or via a window opened by the ‘Upload’ button?

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But hey, let’s not discourage people from bringing this to Krita! I recall Mudbox having such a feature back in the days, which, not only allowed you you to post and engage with the community, but also allow you to browse for resources directly from within the app. Could be a convenient way of getting access to (curated) assets with a simple download and forum redirect.


Yeah, I agree! I was just wanting an option to hide it, and agreed with the two of you.

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It could be a little docker or two. / or maybe set of actions.
One for quick sharing

  • Gives a small code snippet for sharing / like how most app do.
  • Opens browser to the said site triggering the post/upload option.
    – dependent on what those site allows to be trigger

another for more explore stuff [probably harder due to integration]

  • Only for approved one, maybe only for KA + whatev repository for the future

If it needs login, it ask you to login in a browser or an embedded browser window.

notes that it also need to work on mobile.

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