Default tag for new brush presets

Saving new brush preset is straightforward but its save dialog is missing a pop-up to specify a desired brush preset tag (if available of course, usually there are some by default as well)

In absence of a choice from the user, the new brush preset should inherit the tag of the currently selected brush preset tag as specified in the brush presets docker or,
if “all” is selected, add a new tag like “new”, so that we aren’t confused where to look for our new presets because these orphan presets get mixed together with the tagged presets

A little thing, but an useful correction to an overseen detail


That is a good and simple idea exactly as you’ve described it.
You could wait a while for any further comment and then raise a Wishlist bug report at

:v:t2: Same idea

i think it has already been discusting here

Maybe, since it’s not a bug but a forgotten feature in the save presets dialog.
Generally speaking, the tag engine really needs a big update, I read somewhere here around the engine is 7 yo

the post i linked in my previous answer directly refer to the phabricator task of the rewriting…