Defringe in Krita?

Hi everyone.

Is there any way to do a defringe like in Photoshop? I pulled some trees from an image and I’m having trouble removing the halo around the canopy.

If you upload the image then that would give a better idea of the problem and someone may know how to do it.
There may be a GIMP tutorial somewhere that deals with this, in which case you can use GIMP or try to adapt the technique for use in krita, if possible.

Well, as Ahab said, it would be necessary to see the picture, as each case is different from another.

Most people make the cut at the exact edge of the object: that’s why those “leftovers” remain. There’s the error. The defringe command helps, but the ideal is to do the clipping correctly… so you don’t need it.

Generally speaking, if you make the selection so that it is one pixel into the image, the crop will be fine.

GIMP has a great feature for separating the background of an image, see this tutorial. Even so, you have to follow what I said… or there will always be leftovers at one point or another!