Delay when using sliders on the ui

This is something small but annoying I have, I’m not sure if its a bug with krita or my tablet or something else, when I try to click and move things like sliders on the ui it will take a second to work and change the slider. This doesn’t happen in paint tool sai, only krita, and only my drawing tablet, not with a normal mouse. If I double tap quickly and move it will work correctly. Any idea what could be happening? I’m using a wacom tablet.

Does the cursor freeze at the position you clicked on for a while even if you move it? Is that the issue?

Also, are you on a pc with graphics tablet or an android tablet?

Do you have any plugins running?

It acts like its frozen for a second even though I see it moving, the recording didn’t show it moving like I saw. I’m on a pc with a graphics tablet. I’m using the pigmento and ui redesign plugins, this also happens on a new install of krita.

Looks like the windows ink freeze if you are on windows.

I am using windows ink, that does seem to be the problem. Redirecting

Is there any solution to this?

I was able to fix this by updating my wacom driver and disabling windows ink on the tablet and changing to wintab in krita, thank you.

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