Deleting a brush preset

Hi, I’ve just been following the user manual on brush presets, and after saving a new preset spent a few minutes until I managed to get rid of my test brush again, feeling slightly stupid :slight_smile:

The trashcan in the preset chooser is mentioned further down, but maybe it would be good to add sth like “you can remove your new preset using the preset chooser (see below)” right where “save new brush preset” is explained?


That’s a good idea :slight_smile: You’d probably be interested in joining this activity:

Ah, yes, thanks, should have replied to that post…

@raghukamath I have by now learned how to git clone, edit, and build the docs, I could probably do this change myself as a first exercise, once I figure out how to put stuff up for review. Or shouldn‘t I?


I will appreciate if you make the change, we always need more contributors for the manual