Dessins sur le confinement

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Muy buenos detalles de amor

tout est dans les détails :wink:

Eres muy amiable! :smiley:

Marking NSFW for the last panel. Just be on safe side. It would be nice if someone translated the text.


Hi @raghukamath

The first one for me is explicit too :sweat_smile:

  1. (Title on top) How to live happily when you are confined

  2. Respecting the limits imposed, get as close as possible to the people

  3. Try as much as possible to keep the art of living you cultivate before confinement

  4. In these times of crisis, to strengthen their solidarity, the Chinese began to sing at their windows, the Italians, to assume their bad taste, followed suit.
    It would be time, you say to yourself, to inaugurate the songs which will sanctuary the French specificity
    So you start to sing.
    “Everyone hates the police…”

  5. Remember, however, that the confinement obligation does not concern the police

This is french [cultural] humor, mixing black comedy and humour gras (sorry, can’t translate it in English, not sure there’s an equivalent… usually this is a kind of humor vulgar or politically incorrect, you can find this kind of humor in magazines like Fluide Glacial, Psikopat or Mazette! for example)

The last picture may refers to a recurring subject/debate in last months in France, especially following the movement of yellow vests movement, about police brutality.

I think you really need to be French to understand all the subtlety of posted drawings :sweat_smile:

Sorry for detailed explanation, for me it’s a kind of humor I’m used to find and read in France so I prefer to provide explanations rather than giving a brutal translation, I am aware that this type of humor can strike people who are not used to it…

@bibi don’t hesitate to correct me if my interpretation and explanation are not right from your point of view :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the translation :slight_smile: Wish I knew french to understand the nuances.

Do you think nsfw tag is okay for this?

The first one, you may need to be an adult to understand it so I don’t think NSFW is mandatory (and you imagine more than you see in fact)

For the last one, I’m divided…
Personally I’m not hurted and this is a form of freedom of expression that French people claim.
But it can also hurt some people for miscellaneous reasons…
So, in doubt, let it tagged as NFSW and wait for author, maybe he won’t agree… don’t know
@bibi what do you think?


let me chime in because it was me who flagged the post as inappropriate. as i don’t speak a single word french i can’t put the images into context. and without any additional information all i can see is extreme violence pictured.

personally i’m not offended or bothered in any way but for a discussion forum with such a diverse audience this should be at least tagged as nsfw and i appreciate @raghukamath responded asap.

Yes, not a problem, we are just discussing the decision it will help us define nsfw for future posts :slight_smile: I appreciate all of our members proactive reports.

no need
your interpretation is just perfect
and the drawings are effectively for a future comic magazine named froghéros