"Detach Canvas" should remember relative size of panels

The option to “detach canvas” is one I almost never use. And the reason for that is not because I don’t want to, I actually do want to very much. I don’t use it because whenever I try, it always resizes all of the panels on the krita interface so that the space previously occupied by the canvas is filled with the panels. I don’t particularly like the look of that, but that is not the problem that keeps me from using the feature. The problem is when I reattach the canvas (by unchecking “detach canvas” in the view menu) I have to manually resize all of the panels to their previous widths since krita does not remember the previous setup. Alternatively, I can use the workspaces and window layouts feature to save both my workspace and window layout and then just click on them after reattaching the canvas (which is what I do). But that is a little clunky since, when I do that, I have to first click on a different workspace/layout and then click back to the one I want. And even if it worked properly, it still feels like having to take an unnecessary step when having krita remember the layout/size of the panels after detaching and reattaching the canvas would be much more intuitive and eliminates the need for the user to perform multiple steps after reattaching the canvas.

So the request is to make it so krita remembers the size and layout of the panels on the interface when detaching and reattaching the canvas.

I agree. And it’s even more challenging if you’re on Android. When you finally do get back to the regular canvas, the dockers fill 100% of the screen.

BTW, do any Android users know how to get back to the regular canvas after having activated Detach Canvas? There’s no menu so no way to uncheck Detach canvas and the tablet’s back key doesn’t have any effect. The only workaround I know of is to force close Krita, restart it, accept the autosave, then reapply my workspace. I don’t use Detach Canvas but I regularly hit that item by accident when using the menus.