Difference between eraser hotkey and eraser brush?

Hello everyone its me again. So I know there is the eraser hotkey on the toolbox (the E key) and then there is the eraser brush it self in the brushes docker, however I don’t know if Im thinking about this too much or missing something between each one. Is there some differences on how they can be used between them or its seperated more of a convience thing that I haven’t taken advantage of yet? I keep accidently switching into the eraser hotkey and it was annoying me so I removed the hotkey from the eraser hotkey and just use the eraser brushes in the actual brush docker.

Specific eraser brushes have the blending mode set to erase, so it is independent of toggling eraser mode in the tool bar settings or pressing e: it will always erase. Other brushes will toggle between the regular blend mode and erase if you press the E button.

It’s both a convenience thing and a useful way to create an erasing action with a ‘painting’ brush preset.

The thing about using the ‘E’ key to force Erase blending mode is that the brush then erases paint in the same way that it previously applied paint so you can have patterned erasing, if you want that.

Being able to use Erase blending mode means that you can design and make your own erasing brush preset with whatever shape and characteristics you feel would be useful.

Thanks, the way you explained it seem to make it simple for me. However if I had more than 1 layers, if I paint/draw on 1 layer then use the ‘E’ key, would it erase only on that 1 layer or on all layers?

A brush will only paint or erase on the active layer.
The brush blending mode only affects paint on the active layer.
It’s layer blending mode which affects the result depending on the contents of layers below the active layer.

The best way to figure anything out is to do it in a test/play/learn image.