Difference between "WinTab" and "Windows Ink" input

Type of device* : tablet
Brand and version of the device: XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro
System** : Windows 10

Hello, this is not an issue but i have a question regarding tablet input API.
Recently, i’ve updated my tablet’s drivers. As people always complaining in forums about pressure sensitivity and tablet buttons issues… i’ve tried the differrent options avaliable and achieve to make everything works using windows ink or wintab.

So my questions is : is there any difference using WinTab or Ink API (regarding performance…)? Which one is more suitable for Krita/Qt?


It depends on your tablet. XP-Pen has horrible drivers, so you probably are better of with Windows Ink. The difference is:

Wintab is a very old API. It dates back to 16 bits Windows, even. It can handle more pressure levels, has better handling of tablet and stylus buttons. When using a Wacom tablet, Wintab is preferable.

When using non-Wacom tablets, Windows Ink might be preferable, because often the Wintab drivers are really bad, if they exist at all. You will have problems with tablet buttons, stylus buttons and things like tilt, and you’ll have fewer pressure levels (though nobody will notice that for real).

We support both API’s fully, but we’re often let down by broken drivers…

Note that tablet drivers keep per-application information in permanent storage, which means that if the driver corrupts that information, the tablet will no longer work with that particular application, which makes it look like the application is broken, while it’s the driver.

Tablet drivers… Here’s a horror story for tonight, to read by the fireplace: https://krita.org/en/item/anatomy-of-a-bug-fix/

(Note that that was back when we maintained our own tablet api integration, all of that has been upstreamed into Qt by now.)

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@halla Thanks for the explanation :wink:

I didn’t know about xp-pen drivers, but i’ve no problem using wintab or Ink in Krita (with butons or pressure, i haven’t test tilt that much). There is a “linux” version too that work well when i’ve tested it in kubuntu 20.04.

I imagine it’s a pain to always have questions relative to drivers issues…

I used to use WinTab with previous Huion tab and now the xppen, i’ll give a more in depth test with Ink


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