Direction of drag for Zoom and brush size adjustment

Hi, I am quite new to Krita and I found that using Shift+ Drag to adjust brush size and Ctrl+Space + Drag to adjust canvas zoom both are limited to dragging in certain directions. Vertical for zoom or Horizontal for brush. In my opinion, the drag should support any direction. It could just calculate the distance from the ‘drag from’ position so that user could just drag to whatever direction they get use to.



A Wishlist bug report? :slight_smile:

I think they make the brush size drag direction to be horizontal just to match the brush size bar UI but it is not necessary. I will consider this as an improvement suggestion. Don’t want to abuse their bug list.

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Putting genuine improvement suggestions in as Wishlist reports is not abuse of the system.
I’d agree with your suggestion and I think up/right should be increase and down/left should be decrease.
There is the question of what happens in the up/left and down/right quadrants but that could depend on which tool you’re using.




I totally agree! This would be a great change! :grin:

or drag up and down could do another action (i think photoshop does this) for exemple left-right for size and up-down for opacity or flow…

or drag up and down could do another action (i think photoshop does this) for example left-right for size and up-down for opacity or flow…

It is an interesting idea. If this is a setting manually configured by user and they know what they are doing that could be fine for them.
In general, mixing different functions with same input setting like this could have side effects if not implemented properly. Each time they do dragging, unexpected adjustment (flow, opacity, whatever) could accumulate unless a little pre-processing is done to filter/clean the drag and determine the type of control user trying to do. Users may not notice that they could be dragging 10 degree off the horizontal line which could affect two types of adjustment simultaneously.

sure, you’re right, it was just an idea :wink:

Now drag left and right with a tool changes its “primary property”, this wording kinda already implies there would be “secondary property” in the future :wink: How about left and right for primary and up and down for secondary? Furthermore, to avoid confusion, I suggest the user can only adjust one property at once (for example if one drags up by 100px and right by 20px, only secondary property would change).

For zooming I’d also suggest an option to reverse the direction of zoom (drag up to zoom out, drag down to zoom in). This is how most apps work on Mac. I’m not saying it should be default, but an option would be nice.

I was going to post my own topic requesting this, but found this one thanks to the popup.

Dragging vertically feels very awkward and slower to me, and my muscle memory is very accustomed to dragging horizontally from all the other programs I’ve used. It’s just much easier for me to quickly swipe horizontally than it is to “thrust” into and out of the canvas. I think it would be best if the user could toggle the drag direction between vertical and horizontal when zooming, such as with ctrl+space.

It’s a small thing, but it adds up fast as a new user since zooming in and out is something that’s done constantly. Liking Krita so far, and loving the customizability, aside from a few conspicuously missing things such as this.

I’d also like to add that I think it would be a significant improvement if the user could adjust the speed of adjustment for both zoom and brush size (i.e. set the increment to allow for faster/slower zooming and resizing).

As is, both still feel a bit slow to me, even after a month of getting more used to it.