Disabling Canvas Graphics Acceleration improved performance under macOS A LOT

Today a macOS user managed to improve Krita’s performance to “very smooth” level by just disabling Canvas Graphics Acceleration. We both think the quality loss and occasional slowdowns to be acceptable – much better than the unbearable constant slow canvas performance when CGA was ON.

Krita macos slowdowns tend to happen on machines with Intel integrated graphics. Every macbook I had my hands on, old or new, were all so slow to the point Krita was unusable (at least to me). Although there was another user reported that it was fast on macOS mojave on a macbook air from mid-2015.

I don’t know if you know about this, so I think I should relay the information. Maybe if you can make it work too, we can write this into the FAQ so more macOS users can benefit from this.

I tried turning off CGA under Linux, it was also surprisingly fast, and I didn’t notice much quality loss, only occasional slowdowns. It was totally usable.

Is there any other limitations when the CGA is OFF? Do you think I can suggest macOS users to turn off CGA as a solution for their solowdowns? Thanks!

We know… But then you also lose a lot of functionality, like wraparound mode, some animation functions, you will get canvas artefacts.

Thanks for letting me know, I can reproduce those issues.

Our users seems to be okay with those trade-offs. I personally will trade some features for usable performance, anytime. Krita is basically the only true free choice under macOS, some people are really desperate to be able to use Krita smoothly under macOS.

I guess I will tell them about this workaround, with the trade-offs, of course!

Can you please ask them to test this build (with CGA ON), possibly? Call for testing from Artists - Krita's stroke and cursor lag. - it might improve the performance. The comparison should be between that build and Krita 4.3.0 on the same computer with the same options.

Thank you for letting me know. I will relay this message to them later!