Disco Dingo

Created with Krita and Blender.


I assume that you use Ubuntu :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! Nice to see your fantastic colourful works here! :grin:

Welcome! Great to see you here Sylvia. I love this one

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Welcome to the forums, @SylviaRitter

Amazing colours!

That combination is amazing!


Probably, given she makes the official release artworks. :smiley:

Nice to see you here @SylviaRitter!

And I really love this one! <3

This cannot be created 6 days ago. I have this picture on my laptop and I’ve had it for a long time. Just letting y’all know.

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Yes, I believe it is on the post download page of Krita: https://krita.org/en/post-download-page/ Often artists, when joining the forum, posts the artwork they’re most proud of :wink: When we started the forum, it was like an avalanche of the greatest art coming in.

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Nice and interesting artwork. Just wondering how did you do this?

fantastic :grinning: :+1: