Discussion. why on the official site of krita - posted drawings of monkeys with crooked hands?

The most annoying moment of Krita’s official website: interview. I don’t understand why they are interviewing children and the mentally ill. how does this show what a wonderful tool it is? on this site - you can immediately see what beauty can be created with Krita

official website:

I was interviewed. Please explain to me what makes you think I’m mentally ill, a child or a monkey with crooked hands.

I applied art for comparison. such works are painted by children and the mentally ill
most of the work is outright horror. usually, when an application advertises itself, they exhibit beautiful works: this is what you can draw using our application. I’m trying to understand the practical meaning of posting on the official website - garbage works. Is this the SJW or what?

joke answer: you draw furries and ask what makes you mentally ill? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :upside_down_face:
PS please do not be offended, this is just a joke)

The official Krita interviews are a glimpse into our target audience which is not just professional illustrators, but also kids and hobbyists. Even on this site we never differentiate well known artists or newbies or discourage people from sharing their artwork. All are welcome to share their artworks.

My personal opinion is no artwork is ugly, everything is either good or best.

Having said that, please refrain from personal attacks or disrespectful behavior towards others on this forum. Please consider this as an initial warning. Calling someone mentally ill is not warranted on this forum even if you are just joking.

I am locking this thread for now. Hope you understand.

In case you find this closure wrong. you can message me personally.